Losing Roots

by Statuette

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released April 24, 2012



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Statuette Austin, Texas

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Track Name: I
It's starting to drown me in madness. Sinking into a winter's sun. I can't escape these sleepless thoughts. They weigh me down.
Seeing a world in black and white. Dying and outgrown from loving things. Feeling incomplete and doubtful. Sailing away through black seas
Track Name: Rain (Love Loss)
I cannot be living like this anymore. My hands to my face. My knees to the floor. I cannot be living like this anymore. Many come and go. I've got nothing left to show.
I just wanted to be myself. Trapped in a friendless hell. Lonesome in a cold black night. Sleepless under dim lights.
I cannot be living like this anymore. My hands to my face. My knees to the floor. Twenty-two years old. With no trust to hold. Our hands begin to unfold.
I try my hardest to hold on, but friendship is just out of reach. Your colors showed, your like this rest.
And you left me in the rain.
You left me in the rain.
I am ready to be let down.

Trapped in, between my guilt and pride. These fights have left us worn out and dry. I am not the son you want me to be. Just stop believing in me.
Track Name: Everything Went Black
I can feel the darkness. Slowly in my veins. I can feel the darkness. Slowly completing me. I just want to be left alone. A teenage hopeless case. A head full of if's and doubts. Im just waiting to be burned out.
The more I seem to think. The deeper I seem to sink. But I just don't care.
Addicted to careless things. Addicted to careless people. The damage is done. I hung my heart. Can't you see.
But things are not the same. No I am not the same.
Everything went black. I'm living up to my failures.
But everything went black. Now I am no one.
I want to forget everything. Empty youth, engulfed in pain.
Love left me in defeat, all the memories I can't repeat.
Everything went black, all the promises left behind.
Everything went black
Track Name: Losing Roots
I'm straying, washed away like a plant from soil on the ocean's bay. No one, is listening to what i have to say.
Is it, too early to forget the memories.
The way i was raised means nothing to me anymore.
I guess everything's got a meaning
But something's just aren't worth seeing.
Some people were made for leaving.
And memories can be deceiving.
The misery and the purpose fed.
Forget everything left behind.
Thinking back on the life you've led.
Forget everything clear my mind.
Bruised up, in the dirt. Tired of being kicked around.
I've found a new home
I'm breaking the chains on my own.
I'm chasing, the pavement
It's taunting, my eyes
I'm seeing, my future
In endless, white lines.
This life is separating, leaving us walking alone.
Now I'm leaving you behind.
Tears from hopeful eyes.
This town won't be the end of me
Just let me chase my own dreams.
Track Name: Overlooked
I'm feeling weak in the knees, everyday of the week.
Hours bringing anchors, to my weary eyes.
It's breaking me, into this debt and sea.
My heart sweats, full of pride.
Days and days, they all collide.
Step after step, this concrete flight, it's taking me to my empty bedroom site.
Given regret and restraint I feel. I feel I wouldn't settle for anything less.
You get a job well done and your picture hung upon the wall. But at the end of this, it fucking won't mean shit at all.
The worst part of coming home is waking up just to know I'm alone.
The fucking 40 hour work week feeds this void of passion and lack of sleep.
The glaring sun as I step from the building has me questing what I am doing.
My life will never be mine and I will always walk the line.
I build myself up for this.
I break myself down for this.
Track Name: Midnight Eyes
Feeling the warmth in my chest. Dragging on as my days turn into nights.
Why can't words show
Why can't these hearts grow
We are torn
Love will never let me go
Cutting my tongue, spilling my guts.
With only a moonless sky in my sights.
My fears are only friends, failure my only love.
Buried in my covers of shame, death crawls on my bed side.
There is no hope for me, only midnight eyes
Midnight eyes.
I can't embrace my own reality
I am losing my way
What will it take to fill this black hole in my chest.
I feel the innocence slipping away.
Away between my finger tips.
There is no sunshine for me only midnight eyes.
Only midnight eyes.
The stars crash down on me.
Track Name: Statuette
We live but once, I've nothing left to sing.
But no one's ever seen the darkest part of me.
I clench my fist, like fear strangles me.
Because I'm holding on to false hopes and dreams.
Sentimental that's all that it will ever be.
The haunting thoughts don't come when it's next to me.
A statuette I'll always keep with me.
Reminds me of the man I know I'll never be.
Track Name: Blame
The thought of you makes my mind wither.
My body can't handle the weight of despair.
My mouth shut tight at the bottom of the ocean.
No use in searching for sunlight or air.
A world of rain, a life of pain.
Day after day, it's all the same.
My voice is hollow, my eyes shut tight.
It doesn't change night after night.
Night after night
Feels there's nowhere to go.
So i turn to the water.
To steal my soul.
Because you wouldn't bother.
In an ocean full of beings, I'm the only one I see.
And the sun plunges under, darkness surrounding me.
And the pressure grows stronger (blaming you) my ears are starting to bleed (blaming you)
And the further from the surface, the closer to my home.
I'll just call limbo my home.
I'll blame you.